This commercial for Con Agra Foods, Child Hunger Ends Here campaign features young children, all carrying chairs and tables to an outdoor field, where they set up one long table for kids to sit and eat a meal. Jewel sings the song Here's Hope in the background of the commercial.

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(Lyrics) Everywhere, everybody needs a neighbor Showing up when times get hard 'Cause some things we may never change But hunger's something we can turn around Here's hope (here's hope) Showing up at your front door Here's hope (here's hope) It's what everybody's looking for Here's hope More than one in five kids in America don't know where their next meal is coming from. But there is hope. Look for the red pushpin on specially marked packages from Con Agra Foods, and enter the code online. One code equals one meal. It's that easy to help us make sure child hunger ends here.

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Child Hunger Ends Here Marie Callender's Banquet Chef Boyardee Healthy Choice Hunt's Snack Pack Peter Pan Hunt's Manwich Orville Redenbacher's one code = one meal Con Agra Foods

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Child Hunger Ends Here

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