"Sharing our Stories" 
This commercial begins with a group of young boys riding their bikes up to a treehouse. They drop the bikes and start climbing a ladder up into the tree house. Inside, they turn on a flashlight and pull out some sort of book, magazine, or comic book to enjoy together.

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We used to share stories instead of sending links. Before text messages were how we chose to connect. When every turn of the page gave us something to look forward to, and the greatest experiences were the ones that we shared with our friends. Technology has the power to give us these moments back. So we can see, hear, and laugh like we used to. On the same page, seeing the same screen. Making new moments into memories we'll never forget. It's time to talk human again. It's time for Skype.

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Screen Sharing 
Group Video Calling 
It's time for Skype 

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