This commercial begins with a die-hard Winnipeg Jets hockey fan watching the end of an NHL game where his team loses. His face is painted with the Jets logo and he's holding a giant #1 foam finger. We see the man start to cry, and then he is seen kicking an empty can down the road. He comes home and gets into the shower in his clothes (including his hockey jersey) and starts to shave off his playoff beard - crying the whole time. The man then gets dressed up and he and his friends have a funeral for the big foam finger which includes a casket with the same shape. They all go out and buy huge tubs of ice cream to eat while watching the rest of the playoffs (even though their teams are already done). A girlfriend of one of the men looks on very confused, but remains quite. Because he paid for the ice cream with his Visa card, he was entered for a chance to win tickets to the Stanley Cup, and later he receives a call to say he won.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Shoots! SCORES! Oh, what a terrible way to be eliminated. Well, there's always next season. 
Sometimes hockey love hurts, and Visa is there when you're hurting most. Because each time you use your Visa card, you could win a trip to game one of the Stanley Cup final for you and ten friends. More people go with Visa. 
Love hurts 
Love scars 
Love wounds and marks 
Any heart not tough or strong enough 
To take a lot of pain 
Take a lot of pain 
Love is like a cloud 
Holds a lot of rain 
Love hurts 
Ooo love hurts

Written Text

Toronto Maple Leafs 
Visa Calling 
Visa - proud sponsor of the NHL

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