"Land of Dreams" This commercial for American tourism featuring music by Rosanne Cash shows dozens of the natural wonders and tourist attractions across the United States. Some of these attractions include: Arches National Park, beautiful woodland valleys, sandy beaches, swamp and wetlands, the beach art of Jim Denevan in San Francisco (spiral), huge outdoor picnic tables, big city lights, motorcycling, dancing, dominos, beautiful gardens, rolling fields of wild flowers, parades and brass bands of New Orleans, trolley car rides, the Redwood Forest, tunnels and bridges including the Golden Gate Bridge, incredible and unusual food such as crawfish, some kind of festival with people blowing colored powder into the air, and cultures of all types. One of the more interesting shots includes a man parachuting, and some sort of large bird of prey comes and lands on the guy's arm.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) I heard you calling from the start A river runs through both our hearts A thousand shades of something new I cannot wait to play for you So play your songs and make them real There's a place for all we feel And it's closer than it seems Come and find your land of dreams Land of dreams, land of dreams Come and find your land of dreams And it's closer than it seems Come and find your land of dreams

Written Text

910 Treme Summit of the Americas Mitchie Discover this land, like never before. USA Discover America

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