This Old Navy summer Sunstitched Tops commercial features the hostess with the mostest, Wendi McLendon-Covey showing off the new embroidered tops and shirts for Women and girls at Old Navy. Olympic Ice Skater, Nancy Kerrigan makes an appearance, standing next to a grill in a plain tank top. As she spins around, her shirt is now a sunstitched top with embroidery at the neckline, making her "Fancy" Kerrigan. The hostess with the mostest turns the party up one more notch, and Robin Leach appears in the background on a boat, named the S.S. Old Navy. He talks about the Sunstitched tops, but the hostess with the mostest feels that he is too much, and turns him back down a notch, sending his boat away.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Old Navy Funnovations Inc. invites you to turn summer parties up a notch. 
Hey there. First, we're turning your summer shirt up a notch. Nice embroidery. Time to kick this party up another notch. We're turning Nancy Kerrigan into Fancy Kerrigan. One more notch. 
From the sunkissed beaches of Saint-Tropez to Sunstitched tops! 
Take it down a notch Robin Leach. 
Say yes to taking Summer up a notch in Sunstitched Tops, from just Eight dollars. 
Old Navy. Come fun, come all.

Written Text

Patio Party 
Picnic Party 
Deck Party 
Camping Party 
Boat Party 
Beach Party 
Down a Notch 
Up a Notch 
S.S. Old Navy 
Women's & Girls 
Sunstitched Tops From $8 
Old Navy 
Come fun, come all.

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