This song shows people grilling outside with their Weber grills. Each of them is dancing including: 
* A man by himself with a charcoal grill in an suburban backyard 
* An old woman dressed up with her propane grill 
* A young woman next to a big silver mobile home 
* An old man on his patio 
* A young boy and his mom on their deck 
* A group of friends on their city rooftop 
* A man on his apartment porch 
* A man with a smoker in his back yard 
* A family at the beach 
* ...and more 
Some of the people use their grill spatula's to "spank" themselves during their dance, or pretend it's a guitar.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Didn't know (Did you know?) 
Couldn't see 
What was around 
You ??? up ??? me 
Let's go! 
Check me out, me legs are movin'  
Dance real smooth, gotta keep it groovin' 
Take it fast, take it slow 
Shake it out, yeah, come on let's go 
Can't get enough of these crazy moves 
Slide on by, now that's real smooth 
Throw your hands up in the air 
Bounce on ??? down through your hair 
You start my fire 
You fill me up 
You take me high 
Let's go!

Written Text

Have fun with it.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

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This Song is played in Weber Grills Commercial
This song was written specifically for the Weber commercial.

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