Got Your 6 is a campaign led by the entertainment industry that will help create a new conversation in America, one where veterans and military families are perceived as both leaders and civic assets.  
This commercial features Tom Hanks, Bradley Cooper, Judith Light, Michael Douglas, Brian Williams, Alec Baldwin, Mila Jovovich, Pharrell Williams.

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Do you know what it means to have someone's back? To have another life depend on you, and only you? 
Where your vision, your defense, your support 
Is the very thing that is the difference in their life, or death. 
This feeling is known in the truest form by those that willingly protect you and me. Every day. 
In the military, "Got your 6" means, I've got your back. 
They've got our 6. It's time we got theirs.  
Through jobs, education, housing and more 
We can support returning military veterans and their families.  
To find out more information, go to 
They've got our 6, now it's time that we have theirs. 
I've got your 6.

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