This commercial for the new Crispy CHicken Strips from Burger King features Steven Tyler working at a Burger King restaurant. Tyler flirts with the ladies, works the drive thru window and plays his harmonica as the manager of the restaurant sings a song about "exciting things happening at Burger King".

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Exciting things are happening at Burger King.  
Welcome to Burger King, Honey. Your crispy chicken strips. 
So I said Kung Pao, the Kung Pao with the jalepeno... 
Have you tried the sauce yet? 
Uh, Tyler? 
Can I get an order of those cripsy chicken strips? 
Wow, who's that talking? 
You need a hair net Tyler! 
You need to get some hair, John! 
Exciting things are happening at Burger King, hey! 
The new Crispy Chicken Strips. Come and get it, at Burger King.

Written Text

Exciting Things are happening at Burger King. 
new Crispy Chicken Strips.

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