This commercial for Fruit Smoothies at Burger King features David Beckham, ordering a strawberry and banana fruit smoothie from a star struck Burger King employee - Megan. She asks David Beckham to repeat his order, seeing Beckham in a different light, wearing a suit, staring dreamily at him as he speaks. The manager interrupts, snapping the star struck Megan back to reality.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Exciting things are happening at Burger King. 
Can I get one of those new Strawberry and banana fruit smoothies? 
What did you say? 
Hi beautiful. May I please have a strawberry banana smoothie? 
I'm sorry David, we make 'em fresh every time with real...fruit... 
No problem John. 
The new real fruit smoothies and frappes. Come and get it, at Burger King.

Written Text

Exciting things are happening at Burger King. 
New Fruit Smoothies 
Burger King

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