People wearing shirts that read "SONY" show off their Sony Tablets to their friends. A man, wearing a black SONY shirt is in a firestation, showing his fellow firemen how his Sony Tablet works. Two girls getting dressed to go out play with the Sony Tablet. A man on an airplane shows off his tablet, telling the man sitting in the seat behind him that the tablet can be used to rent or buy movies. A woman sitting with her two pugs talks about the millions of songs available on her Sony Tablet. A young boy shows his friends how the Sony Tablet can be used to show images of pictures from the Tablet, on the Television.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Wanna see somthing neat? Watch. Just like that? Ta-da! It's great, huh? And get this, I can rent new movies, or buy new movies. Get millions of songs. On my TV or my tablet. And the TV also makes online videos look great. And it can do this. But get your own. When you turn on a Sony, you can't help but show it off.

Written Text

SONY learn more at SONY make.believe

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