This commercial for Sprint's unlimited data plan features a German boss, telling his employee about a video business call that went very well. He tells his employee that he shouldn't have uploaded so many vacation photos, otherwise he might have been able to participate in the video call. The boss looks through the photos of the man, running on the beach in just a pair of swim shorts and no shirt.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hello. It is I, your boss. Great news! The video call went very, very well. Asia is on board. Too bad you couldn't participate. Probably you were worried about overages on that limited data plan you use. Perhaps you shouldn't have uploaded so many vacation photos. Oh. Ah. These shorts are for a younger person, wouldn't you say? 
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Written Text

Avoid a data dilemma 
The only network with truly unlimited data 
The only national carrier with no throttling, no metering, no overages. 

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