This commercial shows people in various locations using the Kindle Fire for entertainment. It begins with the opening of the Kindle Fire box. A man uses the Kindle Fire while sitting in a waiting area. Another man uses the Kindle Fire to read Maxim magazine while sitting on a bench. A couple looks at Marie Claire while sitting together in a coffee shop. A father uses the Kindle Fire to help his young daughter build a volcano science project. A woman uses her Kindle Fire while walking her dog on the sidewalk. Two people, a man and a woman sitting in a restaurant, using the Twitter app. A woman waits in an airport, watching a movie on her Kindle Fire. A boy plays a driving/racing game on his Kindle Fire while lounging on his bed. A young girl at ballet dance school plays Words with Friends on her Kindle Fire, sitting next to her mother on a bench while she waits. A young boy sits on his bed with his mother, using the Kindle Fire to watch Scooby Doo.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Stop talking 
I can't wait 
No need to say the right thing 
Can you see me now? 
Can you hear me now? 
The fire next (can you see me now) time we meet (can you hear me now) 
You always say the right thing 
Kindle Fire. Only $199 for entertainment, web, games, reader and more.

Written Text

Kindle Fire 
light your fire 
The Sexiest Things in America 
fuel your fire 
play with fire 
kindle fire $199 amazon

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