This 2012 summer Target commercial begins with a red and white striped tent on a beach. As the tent flaps open, multi-colored beach balls pour out from inside the tent, followed by a group of people dressed in bright colors, kicking the beach balls, picking them up and playing with them on the beach. Another group of people, dressed in bathing suits, come out of the red and white striped tent, carrying a red canoe over their heads. A small blonde-haired child pops up in the canoe, and uses an oar to paddle as the adults continue to walk with the canoe over their heads. Another group emerges from the red and white striped tent. A beach umbrella is set up as well as a camera tripod, as the group poses in the sand with their black and white dog. The dog jumps to catch a flying frisbee, and the man in the beach chair takes the umbrella down and walks away. A family comes out of the tent next, the kids with inflatable rafts and inner tubes, scuba flippers and snorkel face masks. Another groups comes out of the tent, setting up a beach badminton net. As the sky overhead darkens, a new group brings coolers out onto the beach as fireworks light up the sky. A fire pit is set up as a family plays a guitar while sitting next to the fire on the beach. The camera switches to an overhead shot, and the top of the tent is the Target Bullseye. Kids are running around the tent with sparklers.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Un, deux, trois, quatre... 
Peasy breezy, sky so blue 
Hit the beat move my feet and now 
There's one thing that I want to feel 
Just livin' life and take the wheel 

Written Text

Expect More. Pay Less.

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