The hostess with the mostest, Wendi McClendon-Covey is back to talk about Old Navy's Boardwalk Dresses. In this commercial for Boardwalk Dresses, a woman wearing a blue and white gingham dress stands on the boardwalk, the breeze blowing her hair. Another woman, wearing a strapless red dress is posing for a man who is sculpting her likeness in butter. And to top it all off, Jordan Knight pedals up the boardwalk on a white piano bicycle, singing about the Boardwalk dresses.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Old Navy Funnovations Inc. invites you to the most flattering Boardwalk ever! Good news. We made you the most flattering dresses so you can show off that figure for the most flattering butter sculpture. And be flattered by the dreamiest singer. (Jordan Knight singing) Baby girl. Hey girl, your boardwalk dress looks so fine. What's your sign? Taurus. Say yes to summer compliments with Boardwalk dresses, just $17, girls, $15. Old Navy. Come fun, come all!

Written Text

Deck Party Backyard BBQ Party Picnic Party Beach Party Boardwalk Party Boat Party Your Likeness in Butter Funnel Cake Candy Apples Churros Boardwalk Dresses Women's $17 Girls $15 Old Navy come fun, come all oldnavy.com

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Jordan Knight

This Person is referred to by Old Navy Boardwalk Dresses Commercial
Jordan Knight of the NKotB rides up on the "piano bike" and starts singing.
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