"Bing Originals: Discovering Hawaii" This commercial begins with a guy (Kevin Cook) using the Bing search engine to look for information about Hawaii. He starts out with "the search you know" - the same features that all search engines have. You search for something and general results are shown. With Bing, however, it shows you what your friends know or think of the search you are making. In this guy's case, his search for Hawaii shows what his Facebook friends have said about Hawaii in the past, and allows him to connect with them and find out more. Soon he is booking a flight, and he continues to use Bing (and his friends) to make his way around the islands. He gets a lei (flower necklace) and heads off to a lava-rock beach. He gets a hint of a hidden trail from someone else a follows it on a hike. He later drives past a pretty girl walking a horse. He takes a food suggestion from somewhere else and finds it very spicy, and later jumps off a cliff/rock that someone suggested. That night he meets up with a bunch of people at a campfire and runs off down the beach at night with a girl in a bikini.

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Here's the search you know. Now, only with Bing, here is what your friends know. And just like that, search goes social. It's amazing what you can do when your friends are part of your search. (Lyrics) Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho! I've been tryin' to do it right I've been living a lonely life So show me family All the blood that I would bleed I don't know where I belong I don't know where I went wrong But I can write a song You belong with me, you're my sweetheart I belong with you, you belong with me you're my my sweet

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Hawaii, Hawaii news, Hawaii flights, Hawaiian islands, Hawaiian dictionary, Hawaiian recipes, Hawaiian flowers, Hawaiian falls Hawaii (U.S. state), Images of Hawaii, Hawaii Resorts | Packages and Deals, Hawaii United States Travel Guide Friends who might know: Kim Akers posted photos of Hawaii; Neil Black has lived in Oahu, Hawaii; Isabel Martins likes Honolulu, Hawaii; Kim Akers has photos of Hawaii in 'Hawaii 2012' Kevin Cook - Hawaii recos anyone? Kim Akers - This place was great Neil Black - Jump off Waimea Rock! Isabel Martins - Hidden trail. Mile 15. Mike Gahrns - Try the spicy poke!!! Shark's Cove Grill jobs in hawaii for rent, 2BD/1BA Ocean View 488-6092 Bing is for doing - Search with your friends, only at

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