An agent is driving when he hears an alert over the radio to be alert for aliens. Meanwhile, an alien is at Dunkin' Donuts, ordering a small Black Cocoa Creme Iced Coffee, when the agent pulls up alongside and captures the alien on his phone.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Agents, be on the lookout for aliens.  
uh, oh! One small Black Cocoa Creme iced coffee, please. 
Will that be all? 
Uh-oh. Not good. Let me out of here. Let me out of here. 
Try Dunkin's new Black Cocoa Creme Iced Coffee and call **DD for a text to capture your alien today. The galaxy runs on Dunkin'.

Written Text

Dunkin' Donuts 
Men In Black 3 
New Black Cocoa Creme Iced Coffee 
Galaxy Runs On Dunkin' 
MIB3 in theaters May 25 2012

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