This commercial for the Southwest Patty Melt burger features Kate Upton. Kate, wearing a black and white polka dot dress is in a black convertible at the Drive-in, eating a Southwest Patty Melt. The more she eats, the hotter she gets, and she begins to sweat and undress. She catches the attention of a man in a different car at the drive-in, who is with his girlfriend. The man pays more attention to the undressing Kate, than he does the movie screen. His girlfriend simply pushes his face away from watching Kate, and back toward the movie screen.

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(Lyrics) I've got a fever an inflammation, that's what I've got You turn the heat on me, some like it hot Call out the engine, ring up the station I am on the spot You turn the heat on me some like it hot Love burns you up the most, like it or not Baby, I like it hot The Southwest Patty Melt with jalepenos, pepper jack cheese and spicy Santa Fe sauce. The classic just got a whole lot hotter. The Southwest Patty Melt, new at Carl's Jr. and Hardee's

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Drive In 7:15 9:45 Movie Night Saturday Southwest Patty Melt Carl's Jr Hardee's

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