"Supper Club" 
This commercial shows a woman using Bing to find a restaurant for her upcoming date night. After searching for "restaurants" using the search engine, a list of her friends from Facebook appear on the right, and she uses it to ask them what their suggestions are. One of them suggests a place called Fabrikam Foundry where the food is made with fire, sparks, blowtorches, molten metal, and in other cool ways.

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Here's the search you know. Now, only with Bing, here is what your friends know. And just like that, search goes social. It's amazing what you can do when your friends are a part of your search. Bing! 
Boom, boom

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Shu Ito, Adirana Giorgio's Nuno Bento, Dan Park Pizzeria Home, Contoso Cucina Brooklyn 
Friends who might know: 
Molly Dempsey posted photos of restaurants, Dylan Miller likes Dan Park Pizzeria, Maria Cameron likes Fourth Coffee Shop 
People Who nkowScott Bishop is on Twitter 
Kate Berger - Date night tomorrow. Where to eat? 
Molly Dempsey - David's latest popup dinner. Molten metal cuisine! 
Do not miss his desert 
Bing is for doing - search with your friends, only at 

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