Miller 64 Commercial

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This commercial for Miller 64 shows men running - through city streets, in the park, past people walking their dogs. The men run in the rain, and in the wind. They go to the gym where they life weights, run on the treadmill and even do yoga. They celebrate by going to the bar at the end to enjoy a cold bottle of Miller 64.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) We run in the city 
We run in the park 
We run past the dog with that really weird bark 
We run when it's windy it really gets old 
Miller 64's a reward for the bold 
We go to the gym for a while we stay 
We sweat on the treadmill but wipe it away 
I wanted to cry but no tears today 
A cold 64 will make it OK 
To Miller 64, to Miller 64 
So here's to good Miller who cut out the filler 
To Miller 64

Written Text

Miller 64 
Brewed for the better you.

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