A man is sitting on a train, on his way to work, eating a breakfast burrito, when an attractive woman sits down across from him. The man tosses his burrito in the bag, but the food odor is hanging around. Suddenly, a life-size egg burrito is sitting next to "Pete", playing a paddleball game, acting obnoxious, singing about riding to work with his best friend, Pete. Pete chews a piece of Orbit gum, getting rid of the food odor, allowing him the confidence to sit next to the beautiful woman on the train.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Riding to work with my best friend Pete. Pete, Pete, Pete. Riding to work with my best friend Pete. Riding to work with me.  
Don't let food hang around. Clean it up with Orbit. Fabulous! For a good clean feeling after any meal. Eat, drink, chew Orbit.

Written Text

Breakfast Burrito 
A good clean feeling. 
Eat Drink Chew Orbit

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