This commercial begins with a shot of a newly married couple just after their wedding that someone is looking at on Google Plus. Next is a video of a guy snowboarding down a mountain. Someone shares that video on Google+ saying what fun they had in Tahoe. Next we see a picture of two girls covered completely in bright colors, and someone is browsing through some of the other pictures in her profile. Then they quickly personalize the navigation so they can quickly access the features they use most often. Next we see how easy it is to start a Google Hangout by video chatting with other people who are online, and then are able to quickly check out what is hot and trending right now.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Da da da da da dum It's the world in front of me Watch as it unfolds so beautifully Fitting all the pieces perfectly It's the world in front of me

Written Text

There's more to explore with Google+ Tali Jang - Out on the town for Lisa's wedding Share bigger, more beautiful photos and videos YouTube - A great day on the mountain - We had an awesome time tearing up the slopes on Tahoe Priyanka Chaurasia - Celebrating the Festival of Colors in Utah Personalize your experience Hang out with friends who are online now Brian Rose - Somebody wants a treat See what the world is talking about Epicness Cherry Blossom Festival And tell your story with a new profile page Google+ google.com/+

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