This commercial begins with a guy sitting on his couch looking for a movie to watch on his phone. After searching for "movies", he looks over in the right-hand column to see what has Facebook friends think about the topic. He messages one guy and asks him what he suggests. They guy tells him to forget going to SEE a movie. They should go be IN one because a movie shooting nearby needs extras. They hop into a car and drive out of town where a medieval-themed movie is showing with actors holding axes, wearing Viking helmets, and wearing chainmail. They get dressed up in costume and makeup themselves (including a long beard for one of them), and begin filming a battle scene - all because a guy used Bing for his movie search.

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Here's the search you know. Now, only with Bing, here is what your friends know. And just like that, the search goes social. It's amazing what you can do with Bing's powerful search. 

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movies, movies for rent, movies on DVD, movies online, movies coming soon, movies in theaters 
Thinking movie later. What's good? 
Forget that. Movie shoot in town needs extras. 
two words: craft services 
Bing is for doing. Search with your friends, only at 

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