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Cadillac Commercial for Cadillac ATS (2012)

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Cadillac Commercial for Cadillac ATS

Summer/Fall 2012
Genres: Vehicles
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Plot / Description

"Cadillac ATS vs The World" 
This commercial shows the new Cadillac ATS driving on some of the toughest, curviest, steepest, and most scenic roads in the world. It begins with a shot of a giant canyon from overhead, and then we see some people riding on camels through the desert in Morocco during a sand storm and we see one of the camels "growl" as someone pulls on its harness. Suddenly we are flying over a grassland toward snowy mountains, and just as suddenly we are in a small boat on choppy, icy water. We teleport again to a beautiful arching rock formation, and just as quickly to a mountainous coastal city. 
After showing us some of the locations, we start to see some of the roads they actually plan to drive. The first is an acrophobic's worst nightmare with a windy road with huge cliffs off the edge and no guardrails. Next is the famous Fairmont Hairpin turn known from the Circuit de Monaco street race. We then see a twisty road snaking down a steep canyon. 
They unload a bright red 2013 Cadillac ATS sedan from a trailer, and speed down the dangerous canyon road at high speed. Continuing on, they fly down some straight, flat roads, and down arctic road by the coast. Back to a hilly road, the race as fast a the helicopter that is filming them. We switch to another location where the driver and passenger are suiting up to drive on the Monaco circuit track as they speed through hairpin turns at top speed. We then go to an even more interesting road in China called the Guoliang Tunnel. It is a tunnel carved through solid rock with no supports, which apparently was done mostly by hand.

Voiceover / Dialog / Script / Spoken Word

This is unbelievable. We're in the Moroccan Sahara Desert. We're in the middle of a sandstorm. I've thrown myself into the deep end of something very new to me, but that's part of what an adventure is - you don't know what's going to happen. This is why we came, this is why we chose this road. We're here now. This is really going to test us on all levels. We're doing this. This is actually starting to feel real now. It's hairy out there. Have you seen this road we're going down? You're all clear. You're all clear. Copy that. Here we go. And move out now. We're going as fast as we can without taking this thing off the side of a cliff. We're in Patagonia. It's like Armageddon outside. Didn't it feel like we were being shot at? Whooo! The Monaco Grand Prix circuit. No room for error out here. I can't believe I've ended the day not scraping some red paint off on these barriers. The Guoliang Tunnel in China. People have dug this out by hand. These jagged rock walls will make a mess out of that car. We've been taking this car and driving all over the world, testing different environments. This is an adventurer's dream - a driver's dream. YEAH! I'm still pinching myself like, did this really happen?  
You're something like a phenomena 
Something like an astronomer 
Roll kid, rock your body off 
Something like a phenomena, baby 
You're something like a phenomena 
Something like a phenomena, baby 
You're gonna get your body off 
Don't fall asleep with the motor on 
She'll make you sweat in the water 
Don't fall asleep with the motor on 
She'll make you sweat in the water 
Hot time kid, hot time kid 
It's cold under the blanket

Written Text

Fairmont Monte Carlo 
Cadillac ATS vs the World 
PR 299 Provisoria 20-2 
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