This commercial begins with a picture of a high school grad looking at the computer and receiving his college acceptance notice. He is extremely excited and immediately gets up to run and tell someone. Another boy is on the verge of tears as he tells someone that he was accepted. Another guy just proudly states, "I'm going to college." Another scene shows a mother and daughter looking up the girl's status online at the same time. The mother screams in excitement. The ad continues showing similar scenes with students and families all getting excited by the news they they are going to college in the fall. The commercial is to promote how Target is on track to donate a total of a billion dollars to K-12 education to prepare kids for college.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

YEAH! I'm accepted. I'm going to college. It's official (offic-i-al) 
But then you opened up a door, you opened up a door 
Now I start to believe in something else 
But how do I know if I'll make it through? 
How do I know? Where's the proof in you?

Written Text

Every kid deserves this moment. 
Great schools can get them here. 
Target is on track to give $1 billion to K-12 education by 2015. 
Help your school at

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