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Liberty Mutual Insurance Commercial (2012)

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Liberty Mutual Insurance Commercial

Summer/Fall 2012
Genres: Insurance
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Plot / Description

A woman parks her car on the street in front of an apartment building. As she sits in the car, gathering her things, her car door is open, and a truck passing by, hits the door, knocking it off it's hinges. A man parks his car on a hill, and as he is putting money in the parking meter, his car begins to roll backward, rolling down the hill as the man chases it, attempting to stop it. A man in a restaurant is trying to pour ketchup from the bottle. As he hits the bottom of the bottle, the ketchup squirts out, landing on the blouse of a woman sitting at his table. A man in an apartment is installing a window air conditioner, when he drops it, the unit landing on a parked car below. A woman is spray-painting a chair with red paint. She looks up from her work and sees that the wind has been blowing the red spray paint on her white car, parked next to where she is working. A man is cooking on his BBQ grill on the patio. His wife walks past the sliding patio door, shutting it. The man doesn't know the door is closed, and as he is bringing the plate of food into the house, he slams into the closed door, dropping the food on the ground. A flatbed truck is parallel parking on the street, slamming into a car behind it, smashing the car farther and farther into the truck parked on the backside of the silver car - crushing it in the process. A bathtub overflows with water, yellow rubber duckies floating on top. A woman stands on a ferry, with her car parked behind her. As the ferry begins to move, the car is not fully parked on the boat, and it falls into the water as the ferry pulls away from the dock. A pregnant woman walks up the stairs inside her house and sees a foot burst through the ceiling. At a golf driving range, golf balls pelt a parked car, breaking out the windows. A man using a blender gets a face full of pink smoothie because the top isn't secured on the machine. A mini van with bicycles on the roof, pulls into a driveway. The van pulls into the open garage, but the bikes don't clear the top, ripping a hole in the garage frame and damaging the top of the van in the process.


Humans. We mean well, but we're imperfect creatures living in a beautifully imperfect world. Sometimes the little things get us, and other times the not so little. It's amazing we've made it this far. Maybe it's because when one of us messes up, someone else comes along to help out. At Liberty Mutual Insurance, we get that it's tough out there, and our job is to make it less tough. That's the thing about humans, when things are at their worst, we're at our best. See how at Liberty Mutual Insurance. Responsibility. What's your policy? 
(Lyrics) Come on baby dry your eyes 
Wipe your tears 
Never like to see you cry 
I'm only human, born to make mistakes

Written Text

Cedar Towers 
Liberty Mutual Insurance 
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