This commercial, narrated by Selma Blair, shows all the new and awesome things you can do with your Comcast Xfinity services. Things like: 
Watching Grey's Anatomy on a phone. Talking on the phone through the TV. Watching TV on a laptop computer. A moving subway is the movie theater. A man uses his tablet device is used as a remote control for the TV, while watching football. The TV buddy is a small Yorkshire Terrier dog, lying on the couch. A cell phone can be used as a key to your house with a special app. The arcade is two men playing video games in their living room. A bowl of oatmeal on the table suggests that you can watch recorded TV shows (Like Mad Men) at any time of day. A man lying in bed uses an app on his mobile device to turn out the lights in the house. A man dances a silly dance on the beach, while someone records it - creating entertainment to share, with the video ending up on facebook. A rocket takes off, saying this is fast, but Xfinity is faster. A man sits in a laboratory with his feet propped up. A group of people gather in a living room, watching the Super Bowl. A couple on a blanket in a park use their mobile device, as does a woman sitting on the beach. The London 2012 Olympic Games are watched on televisions, mobile devices and computers everywhere.

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This is your TV. This is your phone. This is your TV. This is a movie theater. This is your remote control. This is your TV buddy. This is the key to your house. This is an arcade. This is when you watch Mad Men. This person is on time. This is your light switch. This is entertaining your friends and your family and their friends. This is fast. This is faster. This is a sports bar. This is your living room Sunday,February 3rd. This is your home phone in the park and on a beach. This is London. This is London everywhere. This is how we think of things. This is easy. This is simple. This is awesome. Xfinity. The future of awesome.

Written Text

the future of awesome 

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