A mother stands by her young son's bed, talking to her husband on the phone. She tells her husband that their son is still awake, if he wants to say goodnight. She hands the phone to the little boy, when Martin Scorsese comes stomping up the stairs and into the bedroom. Scorsese decides to direct the phone call, giving it a better direction in his eyes. He rewrites the scene of the nighttime phone call, directing the mom and her son to turn the call into a movie scene.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

No, he's still up. You wanna say goodnight? Here's daddy. 
Hi daddy. 
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Look, the plot of this phone call just isn't working for me. It's ordinary, it's pedestrian, I've seen it a million times, OK?  
Excuse me, what... 
Excuse me. There's no edge. There's no edge to it. There's no edge to it. He's just got out of prison, all right? He's just got out of prison. 
Daddy's in Cleveland. 
He just got out of prison. He's a very dark and mysterious figure in your life. Very dark and mysterious. 
No he's not. 
Yes he is. Dark and mysterious. You hardly know him. In fact, you don't even call him daddy. To you, he's Frank. To you, he's Frank, that's how detached you are, that's how separate you are. He betrayed you. You wanna kill him but you keep it locked up inside in here, OK? But one day, vengeance. Vengeance. Can you say vengeance? 
Vengeance. Excellent. He's doing fine. And you. You're trapped in a loveless marriage, totally loveless, OK? And you should be drinking something out of a bottle. You have a bottle around? 
Now, get it. Please. OK. Good.

Written Text

We won't interrupt your phone calls. 
Please don't interrupt our movies.  
A message from Martin Scorsese and AT&T.

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