A young boy comes home, taking his shoes off at the bottom of the stairs, watching Ryan Lochte swim the 400 IM in the 2012 London Olympic Games. The boy takes his smartphone upstairs, still watching the race. In his room, he has a whiteboard on the wall with his goal written down as 4:06:12. After Lochte finishes the race, winning the Gold medal, the boy erases his previous goal, and writes in Ryan Lochte's finish time in the 400 IM, of 4:05:18.

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Lochte, if he needs to do anything special here, he needs to conserve that energy on his big stroke, the back stroke, and boy, he is looking good. And the statement that "It's my time" has all paid off for Lochte, who's gonna win Olympic Gold in the 400 IM. 4:05:18! 
When we saw him, he said, "This is my time, my time is now" and it certainly is.  
So far these swimming games belong to Ryan Lochte.

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Here's to the new possible. 
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