"Whatever's Comfortable" 
This commercial shows a middle aged, overweight man walking down the beach in nothing but a swimsuit and beach shoes. He has messy, curly hair, think plastic framed glasses, and a mustache, and he just casually walks down the beach not caring about anything or anyone. He walks past pretty girls in bikinis and steps over old men sleeping in the sun. A dog gets up and follow him for a while, and the man is just fine with that. At one point he walks off camera to return a few seconds later with a highball glass with ice and Southern Comfort whiskey.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Ah la la la la la 
Oh can't you see 
Gotta be me 
Ain't nobody just like this 
I gotta be me, hit or miss 
Sitting here all by myself 
Trying to be everybody else 
Can't you see, got to be me 
Ain't nobody just like this 
I gotta be me, baby, hit or miss 
Look at you sitting there all by yourself 
Listening to everybody else saying you've got to be somebody else 
Can't you see?

Written Text

Southern Comfort 
Whatever's Comfortable 
Please Drink Responsibly

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