"Hot Potato" 
This commercial features a bunch of college kids passing around (or stealing) a laptop - specifically, the HP Envy 4 Ultrabook. It starts with a guy being handed the computer and he spins it like a basketball on his finger as he walks up the stairs to class. He hands it to some kid at the top of the stairs who opens it up. The scene quickly changes to a girl who closes the laptop and then passes it like a note in class, and it gets all the way to the top of a large lecture room. Someone walks out of the room with it, and next thing you see is someone else walking into a room while listening to music on it. A girl comes and grabs the laptop from the guy and runs away. The laptop gets passed on, and now it's a guy running through the library with it. He slides across a table to show a girl sitting at the end of the long study group. She falls over, and turns into a guy laying down and crowdsurfing with his laptop. He gets passed up through the stadium and ends up dropping the computer making everyone stop. He picks it up and it's still working because it's durable.

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The HP Envy 4 Ultrabook. Because living life matters. Get yours at

Written Text

Ultra Light, Ultralight 
Ultra Loud, Ultraloud 
Ultra Portable, Ultraportable 
Ultra Safe, Ultrasafe 
+ Hard Drive Protection 
+ Beats Audio 
+ Ultra Thin Design 
HP Envy 4 Ultrabook starting at $779 
HPNV4, HP NV4, HP NV 4, HP Envy4, HP Envy 4

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