"We are all making the Games" 
This commercial shows all the people it takes to make the Olympic games a success. From the spectators to the athletes, and the volunteers to the cameramen, and everyone else involved.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The Journeyers 
The Jostlers 
The Anticipators 
The Painters 
The Posers 
The Well-Worth-the-Waiters 
The Watcher 
The Dasher 
The Show-Me-the-Wayers 
The Blower 
The Blogger 
The Come-a-Long-Wayers 
The Perchers 
The Placers 
The Has-Our-Chance-Goners 
The Scribbler 
The Swapper 
The Sunblock Slap-Oners 
The Fake Hair On-Cheekers 
The Sneaking a Peekers 
The Won our First Golders 
The We'll Be Smiling All Weekers 
The Shelterer 
The Shiverer 
The Taking Time Outer 
The Wiggler 
The Waver 
The What's This All Abouter 
We're all making the games

Written Text

L S54 YXJ, K727 XRP 
Olympic Park - All Venues 
To London 
McDonalds Presenting Partner - Games Maker 
M Official Restaurant 
What Kind of Fan are You?

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