This commercial for AT&T features a man, traveling across the United States with his AT&T Smartphone, keeping in touch with friends along the way, and taking pictures in different cities with his girlfriend.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) I took a walk down memory lane 
Where everything looked quite the same 
People smiled, people waved 
They talked about the road they take 
As I walk down memory lane 
AT&T. The nation's largest 4G network, covering 2,000 more 4G cities and towns than Verizon. AT&T. Rethink possible.

Written Text

Greetings from Austin capital of Texas 
Red's Double Cheeseburger 
Hot dog & Soda 
Barber shop 
Chicago Chad and Francois 
Austin Frigid Frog Shaved Ice 
Barking Crab 
it's what you do 
with what we do 
The nation's largest 4G network 
2,000 more 4G cities and towns than Verizon 
Rethink possible

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