This commercial, narrated by John Krasinski (aka, Jim Halpert from The Office) shows a guy pulling out his old mixtapes - apparently from a time he used to date a girl named "Gina". The commercial is about how computers make things easier, and how esurance's Express Lane site makes it easy to check prices and switch car insurance without entering a ton of information online.

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If it wasn't for a little thing called the computer, we might still be making mix tapes. Find this, pause this, play this, eject this, write this. It's like the days before esurance express lane. You had to find a bunch of documents just to get a car insurance quote. Now Express Lane finds your driving info with just one click - saving time. To be nostalgic about the days before Express Lane. Thank you insurance for the modern world. Esurance, now backed by AllState. Click or call.

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Summer of Gina 89 
Gina Dayz & Gina Nightz 
Gina Days, Gina Nights 
Summer of Gina 
Can't Quit U, Gina 
Gina Time 
Pour some Gina on Me 
Summer of 89 

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esurance - an AllState company 
Want to save time? With Express Lane we can look up your info for you. 
Yes, please look up my info. (Yes) 
No, I'll look it up myself. (No) 
We found your vehicles! 
2012 Chevrolet Cruze - VIN: 116PD5SH6C9221515 
2010 GMC Acadia - VIN: 1GKLVK 
esurance - insurance for the modern world | 1-800-ESURANCE

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