The commercial begins with a blonde-haired woman, wearing a blue jacket and blue heels, leaving her Brownstone, walking down the stairs to the sidewalk. There are three other women, all leaving their Brownstones at the same time, all wearing beautiful shoes. The women all get inside a taxi that is waiting at the curb, which then takes them to a restaurant, where there is a private party going on. A man inside the restaurant takes the "Open" sign and turns it around, where instead of reading "Closed", it reads "Where'd You Get Those Shoes?".

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

DSW. It's where you get those shoes. Post DSW In Crowd to facebook for something cool. 
(Lyrics) I'm in with the In crowd 
I go where the In crowd goes 
I'm in with the In crowd 
And I know what the in crowd knows 
Any time of the year, don't you hear 
With the In crowd

Written Text

Where'd You Get Those Shoes? 
Designer Shoe Warehouse 
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