"Nice Moves" 
This commercial features dancer Chris Koehl, known from his performances on a previous season of "So You Think You Can Dance?". He's wearing a fedora (hat) and holding a smartphone that seems to control a green cloud of music. He starts up a song, and then starts dancing, while the phone creates a green trail in the air while he moves, spins, and jumps.

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Music is in your blood. Only Cricket includes it in your nationwide plan. Never pay per song. Never limit your expressions. Only Cricket Wireless has Muve Music. Unlimited data, talk, text, and music with no contract. All on an Android smartphone. Get held back, OR call or click now for Muve Music from Cricket. Cricket - your call. 
I can't stop 
I'm headed out to nowhere like a bullet from a gun 
K.I.E.R.E.M.E. (letters spoken in Spanish)

Written Text

Download Song, Get Ringback Tone, Make Ringtone 
Nationwide Data, Talk & Text 
No Contract $55/mo 
Muve Music, Mouve Music, Move Music, MuveMusic, Mouvemusic, Movemusic 
Call 1.800.718.4223 #nicemoves 
Facebook - Cricket Wireless - Diggy fans - "Like" this message if you want to hit 1,000 views so we unlock episode two of his Muve Music Sessions! After watching, download his Muve Sessions commentary album for Unexpected Arrival on Muve Music 
I Can't Stop - Flux Pavilion 
Drive - Casey James 
Un Pokito de? Roca - Bebe

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