"The Most Immersive Xperia" 
This commercial begins with a guy dancing on a movie set while someone films him with a smartphone. A bunch of set crew then wheeling things that make it appear like the cameraman is inside a Facebook web profile. A curtain then comes up to cover this "Facebook page" which looks like the Google home page with the worlds "Fruit Ninja" in the search box. A bunch of actors dressed like ninjas jump out and start swinging swords at fruit that is being thrown at them, and as the camera moves backwards we can see that it too is made to look like it is on a screen - this time the Fruit Ninja app. Next a woman comes out who is being chased by a green swamp creature (Gill-man / Creature from the Black Lagoon), and a spaceman comes out to rescue her with a laser gun. Again, the camera moves back to make it seem like this is a video/movie playing on a screen with fake YouTube-like controls at the bottom. The camera keeps moving back and it comes out in a guy's apartment. The man is holding the Sony Xperia Tablet S, and what we've been seeing is actually what he's been doing on the device. He touches the screen and causes the monster movie to start playing on his TV.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

And the source was your laughter 
Threw me off the wall 
Used your face as a mascot 
Yeah, yeah, yeah 
And the medicine came after 
Left it in a sprawl 
Many miles from the Cessna 
It All Began With Burst now 
Every several months 
And the chemicals came after 
Yeah, yeah, yeah 
It was a race to be faster 
Quicker than the worst 
In the style of The Master

Written Text

Colin Ilsley - 2 days ago near Brooklyn, New York - Hardcore Parkour 
Google - Fruit Ninja 
72 - 3 Fruit Combo +3 
A place for your imagination to play. 
Xperia Tablet 
Sony - Make.Believe - Make Believe

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