"Invisible Game" 
This commercial shows a bunch of people waiting at their terminal in an airport. One young boy sees NFL quarterback Tom Brady walking by and shouts out to him. The New England Patriots star turns around as the boy tells out "Catch!" and then throws a fake/invisible football at him. Tom plays along and pretends to catch the ball. He then makes a gesture that gets other people's attention. Several of them, including an airline pilot line up on the line of scrimmage in the airport walkway. He hikes an invisible ball while the kid runs out for the pass. The kid runs under one of the blockers legs and catches the invisible ball. In the end zone, a man tries to tackle the boy, but the kid does a flip over him to get the touchdown. Tom Brady gives high fives to the other teammates and mocks the other team. As quickly as the "game" started, everyone goes back to what they were doing, and Brady gives the kid one last look before continuing to his flight.

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Tom! Catch. 

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