A man (Jack) is at a restaurant with his girlfriend (Lauren) when his girlfriend tells him that she's breaking up with him because he's too boring. That night, Jack goes home and signs up for the Citicard Private Pass program, which allows him to go to special events, concerts and other exciting experiences. The Private Pass program allows Jack to go to a Private Pass Event at a museum where he stares at a painting of Marilyn Monroe. Next, Jack is in a cooking class where Giada De Laurentiis holds a spoon to his mouth, offering him a sample of her culinary creation. And last, Jack is able to use his Private Pass card to attend an Alicia Keys concert, where Alicia is on stage singing 'Girl On Fire'. After the concert, Jack has an opportunity to meet Alicia Keys, where he has his picture taken with her, asking the question "Who's boring now?".

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Jack, you're a little boring. Boring. Boring. 
After Lauren broke up with me, I went to the Citi Private Pass page and decided to be not boring. That's how I met Marilyn, Giada and Alicia.  
Use any Citi card to get the benefits of Private Pass. More concerts, more events, more experiences. 
Hey, who's boring now? 
Get more access with the Citi Card. 
(Lyrics) This girl is on fire 
This girl is on fire 
She's just a girl and she's on fire

Written Text

Citi Private Pass 
Citi Private Pass Event 
More Access

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