"Faith Hill - 2012 Sunday Night Football Opener" 
This commercial for NBC's NFL Sunday Night Football is a song performed by country superstar, Faith Hill.

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Waitin' all day for it 
Waitin' all day for Sunday Night 
All right Sunday night, where are you? 
Waiting for the game, that means red, white, and blue 
You want some football, we want it too 
Hey Jack, here's a fact, show's back in town 
(Team 1) and (Team 2) will show down 
Stadium's rockin', crank up the sound 
The NFL's best have come out to play 
It's too close, there's just one thing left to say... 
I've been waiting all day for Sunday night 
It's tough, gettin' rough in a prime time fight 
It's more than a game, it's everything right 
That's why we're waitin' all day for Sunday night 
Yeah, yeah, yeah 
Sunday Night Football on NBC 
It's Al, Ed, and Cris - the best on TV 
The stars are out, it's the game to see 
'Cause the NFL rocks on NBC

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Sunday Night Football 
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