"Unlock The 007 In You" 
This commercial shows a man at a bar in a restaurant. He's drinking a bottle of Coke Zero and sees a girl sitting in a booth with a bunch of other people. Even though she appears to be with her boyfriend, she looks unhappy, but smiles when the guy at the bar looks at her. He takes another sip of his Coke and notices it has a James Bond logo on it. He starts humming the theme song for the movie. The girls start humming it too, and then the boyfriend join in as well, but they sing it in a threatening tone and one guy even trips the man with the Coke. The boyfriend and girlfriend get in their car to leave, but the guy chases after them. He runs across the river by hopping on boats and then it appears that he gets into the same type of silver sports car James Bond has driven in several of his movies. It turns out that he was just beside the car, and he pulls off on his moped. He drives down some stairs as the boyfriend crashes through a truck. The Coke guy slides under the truck on his scooter as the girl runs up to him. At the end, still humming the James Bond theme song, they jump off a bridge into a river so they don't get caught by the other guys.

Written Text

Coca-Cola Zero 
Coca Cola Zero 
Coke Zero 
Unlock the 007 in you. 
Skyfall 007 only in cinemas. 
Coca-Cola Zero - make it possible

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