"Bright Shiny Colours" 
This commercial begins with a woman in a white body suit doing yoga in an all white home. She spreads her legs for one of her exercises and sees an IKEA catalog sitting on her plain white table. She gets up and walks into the catalog like it's another world, and immediately everything changes to blue - including her spandex suit. As she is walking around, two pillows shaped like mouths float over and start singing. She then opens up the dishwasher and slides into it, and turns into a cartoon version of herself sliding down a rainbow. A doorway open and she slides out of it back into the real world along with piles of colorful pillows. She then pulls out a chair and does a parody of Flashdance, only instead of water falling on her when she pulls the rope, different colored balloons fall down on her. Next, she runs through the house which is no longer all white, but full of colorful couches, pillows, candles, wallhangings, and more.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You'll see things you never saw before 
Sha la la la la la la la la 
Baby, baby, you'll never see it 
Bright Shiny colours, I see with you 
Bright shiny colours, that's all I'll say 
Bright shiny colours, strange and new

Written Text

Bright Shiny Colours, Bright Shiny Colors 
Bring new life to your home 
Bring your home to life with 100s of new products

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