The commercial begins in a firehouse, where the firemen are excited that an older woman is coming, with a basket of Dalmatian puppies. The firemen choose their next Firehouse Dalmatian dog from the woman. They choose a Dalmatian puppy wearing a blue collar, while still in the basket is a Dalmatian puppy in a red collar. As the fireman takes the puppy away, it sticks it's tongue out at his littermate. Two years later, the fire dog is now full grown, riding proudly in the firetruck, with it's head sticking out of the window. Coming around the corner in the other direction is a Budweiser team of horses pulling the Budweiser trailer. The fire dog notices a Dalmatian riding in the Budweiser trailer, and goes to the top of the firetruck for a better look. As the two pass each other, the dog on the Budweiser team sticks his tongue out at his brother.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey man, she's here. Check it out! 
Which one? You like this one? Easy there. How about this little guy. Huh? 

Written Text

Two years later 
(14 dog years)

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