This commercial for Wonderful Pistachios features the Honey Badger, with a narrative of the Honey Badger's actions voiced by Randall. The honey badger has a green snake in its mouth, using it to crack the Wonderful Pistachios that are placed on a rock. Honey Badger does it bad-ass. You bet he does!

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This is the honey badger. "Whoa! Watch out!", says that bird. Oh, it's got a Cobra? Geez, watch him crack it! 
Honey Badger does it badass. 
You bet he does! 
Wonderful Pistachios. 
He loves those snacks! 
Get crackin'.

Written Text

Lowest Calorie Nut 
Lowest Fat Nut 
Get Crackin' 
Wonderful Pistachios

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