The commercial begins with a woman, looking out her living room window at the rain coming down outside. She puts her palm against the window glass and on her palm, the film "Rango" is playing.  
The next image is of a person riding in the passenger seat of a car, driving down the highway. The hand is held outside the window, riding the waves of the wind. On the palm of the hand is a map of the route being driven.  
A fish is lying on a cutting board with herbs and lemons in bowls at the top of the cutting board. The person preparing the meal turns his palm over, finding a diagram of how to properly filet a fish.  
A child is sitting at the table, coloring a picture of a pig, when the kid turns her hand over and a video game is being played.  
A man sitting in the seat of a public transportation vehicle, looks at his palm, scrolling through different types and styles of bicycles. As one of the bikes is chosen, the palm turns into the Droid Razr M phone, resting in the man's hand.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Introducing the Droid Razr M by Motorola. With 4G LTE Speed on an edge to edge display. Say hello to the full-screen phone.

Written Text

Droid Razr M 
The full screen phone

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