"Crack the Case" 
This commercial begins with James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) on a train platform being chased by a couple of thugs. Bond bumps into a guy who turns around as sees the thugs yelling and he thinks they are after him so he runs and jumps on a moving train. Once inside, this man seems to be as smooth as James Bond. When a barking dog scares a waiter causing him to throw his tray full of Heineken beer bottles, the man catches them all without spilling a drop. He then bumps into a gambling man playing craps and the dice come up lucky and everyone wins. 
When this man looks back and sees the criminals have gotten on the train and are still after him, he hops behind the counter in the coat room to hide. Sliding a coat in front of him opens up a secret door where a Russian soldier is building a house of cards. The cars all fall when he falls into the room through the secret door and the Russian gets angry. The man picks up several decks of cards and flips them into the table instantly creating a replica of the Kremlin which wins him the respect of the soldier. The thugs find their way through the coat room door and continue the chase. 
As they move through the train cars, a waiter knocks on a passenger's door and says, "Doctor." The man answers "No." (which is a reference to Doctor No, the original James Bond film, but the chase continues past them into a freezer car where the man slips and slides past an ice sculpture accidentally breaking off both of it's arms. Next he is in an entertainment car with a blonde woman (Gin Wigmore) singing. The real James Bond is in this car as well and he gives the man a Heineken as the thugs come in. James Bond runs off again as the new Bond girl, Severine (brunette actress, Bérénice Marlohe) slides the man over a briefcase with a blinking red light on it, and James Bond skydives out of the train as it passes over a high bridge.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Ooh, ooh) Girl, you better wake up 
(Ooh, ooh) Girl, you better run 
(He's gone) First thing in the morning 
Faster than a bullet coming out of that gun 
(Ooh, ooh) Tells you that he loves you 
(Ooh, ooh) Then he take it all back 
Girl, you gotta wonder 
Girl, you gotta wonder 
Girl, you gotta wonder 'bout a man like that 
Girl, you gotta wonder 
Girl, you gotta wonder 
Girl, you gotta wonder 'bout a man like that

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Skyfall 007 
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