Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is back in his State Farm Agent's office and is shocked to find his own teammate, BJ Raji, taking over his touchdown dance...or is it his Discount Double Check move?

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Well, Mr. Raji, we could save you hundreds by doing the discount double check. 
Not you too, Raji. You're on my team. You know that's my move. 
The discount double check? 
No, that's my touchdown dance, man. 
Here we go again. Sir, you're not even doing it right. Raji. Drop it. 
What is this? 
Come on now, you said you were a dancer. 
Where're you going buddy? Come on back. 
You could save big. 
Discount Double Check! Ow! 
Get to a better state with State Farm. 
(Lyrics) Show me what you got, what you got, Raji 
Discount double check

Written Text

State Farm 
State of Imitation II 
Discount Double Check 
get to a better state 
Auto Home Life Bank 

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