This commercial begins with the image of the assassin from Assassins Creed: Revelations as a prisoner. While he is being dragged out into a courtyard to be executed, he remembers all of the things he has done, and all of the places he has been. From ships on the sea, to old ruins, to the tops of mountains. As he walks up on a castle, someone shoots him with an arrow. He breaks the arrow off, and then begins fighting with the army that comes at him. He defeats many of the men single-handed, but when he sees a ghost of himself, he gets distracted and is finally captured. The man in charge of the army puts a noose around the assassin's neck and makes him "walk the plank" (off a cliff rather than from a boat). As the noose is tightened, the assassin attacks the man, and the screen goes blank.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Deep in the ocean, dead and cast away, 
where innocence is burned in flames. 
A million mile from home, I'm walking ahead. 
I'm frozen to the bones, I am. 
A soldier on my own, I don't know the way. 
I'm riding up the heights of shame. 
I'm waiting for the call, the hand on the chest. 
I'm ready for the fight and fate. 
The sound of iron shots is stuck in my head. 
The thunder of the drums dictates 
the rhythm of the falls, the number of deaths, 
the rising of the horns ahead. 
From the dawn of time to the end of days, 
I will have to run away. 
I want to feel the pain and the bitter taste 
of the blood on my lips again. 
This steady burst of snow is burning my hands. 
I'm frozen to the bones, I am. 
A million mile from home, I'm walking away. 
I can't remind your eyes, your face.

Written Text

Assassin's Creed Revelations

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