This commercial for the 2012 Dodge Dart shows how easy it is to make a futuristic car in modern day. A time machine is built, set for the year 3000 where future man is found and brought back to help with the dashboard. Future man, wearing all white, starts to explain the technology, but is cut off mid-sentence. Future man is sent back to the year 3000 and the time machine is blown up. Tom Brady is shown accepting an award for the Dodge Dart.

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Start with nothing. Build a ground breaking car. Good. Now, build a time machine. Go here. Find someone who can build a futuristic dashboard display. Bring future guy back. Watch him build the TFT display like nothing you've ever seen. Get him to explain exactly what that is. The thin film transistor display...Mmmm..maybe not. Just show it. Customize the dash. Give it park assist. That fuel-efficiency flower thing. Send future guy home. His work here is done. Destroy time machine. Win some awards. Send in Brady. That's how you do it. Easy.

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