This commercial for Pedigree shows different dogs, being adopted from various animal shelters, going to their forever homes. Pedigree donates food to animal shelters, and now you can help feed animals in need, by purchasing Pedigree food for your pet. Buy one bag, feed two animals.

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For a shelter dog, there's no better feeling than going home. And by donating our food to shelters in need, Pedigree is doing more than ever to help shelter dogs get adopted. Now you can help too. When you buy a bag of Pedigree, you'll help us feed more shelter dogs. Keeping more dogs healthy, happy and ready to go home. Join us. Feed your dog Pedigree and you'll help us feed more shelter dogs.

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Dogs Rule 
Nashville Humane Association 
Buy One. 
Feed Two. 
We're for dogs. 
Learn more at

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