An elderly woman and a young boy stand in the front yard, looking up at the tree where Henry, the calico cat, is sitting high up in the branches. The woman pleads for Henry to come down from the tree. Out on the street, a white Toyota pulls up to the curb, and Eli Manning steps out, walking over to the tree. He stares at Henry, and Henry stares back. After giving a silent instruction, Henry jumps from the tree and into Eli Manning's arms. Eli hands the cat to the woman and runs back to his Toyota. The woman and boy stare in amazement - not that Eli Manning was able to get the cat down from the tree, but because it's true that he really does drive a Toyota.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Here, kitty, kitty. Oh Henry, honey, please come down.  
Wow. Eli Manning really does drive a Toyota.

Written Text


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